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Gluta Berry 2000000mg Whitening drink ( Thailand )

Price: BDT 2250.00


Gluta Berry  2000000mg Whitening drink ( Thailand )Gluta Berry  2000000mg Whitening drink ( Thailand )Gluta Berry  2000000mg Whitening drink ( Thailand )Gluta Berry  2000000mg Whitening drink ( Thailand )

Gluta Berry 2000000mg Whitening drink ( Thailand )

How to eat

Before bedtime or after waking up in the morning on an empty stomach drink 1 sachet of powder with 250 ml of cold water and stir to dissolve drink it (if you want to see fast results drink 2 packets per day).

Gluten Berry 200000 mg.Special intensive formula whitening skin white, white aura! White fade freckles, dark spots, boost a white around the body. (See results faster than 10x capsules). White aura! White. Frost freckles, dark spots and boost the white aura around the body. (See results faster than 10x capsules) works to absorb quickly without danger. White to the new Ultimate …… for good. Transparent white skin firming a kid again. Guaranteed authentic from PK Nature Products.
Glutathione juice berries 100000mg (Berry Gluten 100000 mg).
Combination product of collagen from fish is 10000 mg. Valuable fruit basket blueberries. Extract which provides antioxidants lot. It nourishes the skin a youthful face. Bright shining aura Special Thigh I see results with just a single box inside a white snap.Key ingredients juice glutathione berries 100000mg (Berry Gluten 100000 mg) .Beautiful and served to you today. Tea is mixed with cold water 1 cup juice you can nourish your skin “Today. Your skin to replenish itself. Detox your skin.

Fish Hydrolyzed Collagen
Collagen peptides extracted from deep sea fishing. Help moisturize the skin Makes skin firmer and smoother Enhances the surface tension Night youth at least 10 years.


Reduces the pigment melanin and antioxidants. Causes of the destruction of skin cells that make skin dull. Causes of dark spots and blemishes. Skin to clear up. Gradually whitens the skin and helps to reduce the degeneration of cells in the body.

What - Enzyme Q10 / What enzyme Q-Tech.
Many as 20 kinds of amino reduce wrinkles and slow the aging of the skin by building collagen in the skin. Increases Oxygen to the cells Skin, muscle tissue, strengthen collagen. And the elastin of the skin. Allows softer Helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin Help delay wrinkles The occurrence of wrinkles on the face and allow the fabric to freckles and dark spots fade.

Vitamin C
As antioxidants in the body. Strengthen the collagen. Enhance fermentation glutathione works more effectively. Helps to absorb iron better. Strengthen cell walls made healthy cells.

Glycine is an important component of collagen protein. The structure of collagen consists of glycine to one-third. Nếu không thể bodyguard free glycine or không thể sửa chữa thể thao. Stimulating hormone or growth hormone. Which will stimulate the body’s protein synthesis also helps the immune system. Immunity of the body, thereby healing the wounds heal faster. Help eliminate toxins Make the skin radiant Immune Enhancer stimulates the immune function by stimulating the enzyme so that the body can resist many kinds of things. debris Including bacteria and viruses Cause infectious disease symptoms disappear any faster.