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What is Kamax ?
Kamax is an aerosol spray used for Topical application of Lidocane USP.
when sprayed on extra sensitive organ,it increase the sensitivity threshold
to bring slow and lasting control. Thus enhancing the level of satisfaction and
fulfilling the desired expectation.

Lidocaine hydrochloride USP 1.2g
Inert solvent and propellant q.s. to 12g
Each metered dose deliver Lidocaine USP 12 mg
Direction for use:
Shake container well before use. Hold the container 5cm away from
Sensitive organ with arrow of the spray button pointing towards the area of
application. Press the spray button 3-4 time to adequately spray KAMAX
Contra-indication & side effect
KAMAX is generally safe and has no systemic effect. local anaesthetics should
not be given to patient with myasthenia gravis,epilepsy,impaired cardiac condition
or liver damage.
Presentation:120 metered dose. Each metered dose deliver 10 mg. of Lidocaine USP.
Manufactured by:
Kripa Pharma
Mahaveer Industrial Estate, Gram-Padlipur.
P0-Mota Haldu, Haldwani. Distt-Nainital. (U.K.)
India 263139
Mob. no:- 01967100613

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