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maxman delay spray

Price: BDT 1950.00


Details: Maxman s---pra for delay :

1. sex product for men
2. prolong time for sex
3. delay ejaculation
4.enhance quality of sexual life
5.no side effects and dependence

Delay ejaculation, which is a persistent difficulty in ejaculation during sex is very treatable. In fact, maxman delay spray approved highly quality designed to reduce the sensitivity of the person and prolong sexual pleasure. Maxman delay spray is a magic spray prefume have a great effect on improving the sexual self-confidence.

Ingredients: Epimedium saggitatum, Avena satevam, saw palmetto extract, niacinmmuirapuama guaranteed androstenedione.

Usage and dosage: use it 10-25 minutes before sexual activity, spray it on the head and shaft of the penis.

Specification: 45ml/bottle. MADE IN USA ORGINAL CALL 01967100613


1. No more excess for each application.
2. Caution for only external use.
3. Keep out of reach of children.