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Sonar Automatic Professional Hair Curling Curler Iron Curl Wave Machine Ceramic USA

Price: BDT 4500.00


SONAR Automatic Professional Hair Curling Curler Iron Curl Wave Machine Ceramic USADescription:
* On/off switch and auto shut off.
* Salon length swivel cord.
* Ceramic curl chamber for smooth curl creation.
* LCD display, simple and convenient operation.
* A variety of timer settings, different curling effect.
* A plurality of set temperature, 140℃ to 230℃ temperature adjustable.
* Powerful heating, system ready to use in seconds with ultra-fast heat recovery.
* Curl direction control for either a uniform or natural finish(Right/Left/Auto).
* Suitable for shorter and longer hair length.

Voltage: 110V-230V
Power: 50W(max)
Suitable for hair type: Natural big waves, medium-sized curl, charming little wavy hair style, etc.

1. Timed settings:
8 Seconds —10 Seconds —12 Seconds–15 Seconds
(3 Beeps)—–(4 Beeps)—-(5 Beeps)—-(6 Beeps)
Fours timer settings:
8 seconds=3 beeps for loose, natural curls
10 seconds= 4 beeps for soft bouncy curls
12 seconds=5 beeps for tight, defined curls
15 seconds=6 beeps for tight, defined curls

2. TEM heat settings:
140℃ for delicate, fine or colored hair
190℃ for delicate, fine or colored hair
210℃ for normal textured hair
230℃ for thick or wavy hair

How to use:
Take 1-3 cm wide hair straight through the hair curler V mouth.
Press the handle, hair will be curled automatically, wait for warning tone.
After hearing the alarm beep, loosen the handle and release curly hair.

Always ensure that the hair is clean, dry and combed through and that the sections you want to curl are no bigger than 3cm wide. The type of curl will depend on the temperature selected, and timer setting which dictates the amount of time the hair is kept inside the curl chamber.

Package includes:
1 x Automatic Pro LCD Hair Curler
1 x Accessory
1 x User Manual