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Sim Device with GPS Tracker

Price: BDT 2600.00


Sim Device with GPS TrackerSim Device with GPS Tracker GSM Bug Device
You only need to buy a new SIM card, place it in this device. Once you call this number, this device will auto answer, and it is working like a phone with auto answer without speaker. So you can actually hear anyone`s talking about you or whatever when you call in that sim card`s phone. It can also auto dial your telephone when it hear sound around it. it is the ideal SIM surveillance equipment you can`t miss.
Features a unique super- slim design, place it at home or even in the office. You could listen to the sound of its surrounding wherever you want, it is the latest SIM surveillance equipment available.
Product Features:
Work frequency(900MHz,1800MHz,1900MHz)
Ultra tiny dimension: 4 x 3 x 1 (cm)
Weight:only 24g
Excellent stand by and working time,comparing to other similar products.
Prominent sound quality makes more reliable.
Power Supply:24 hours Non-stop
Card Compatible:GSM / SIM
Microphone Range (Meter):5~7(Radius)
Receive Sensitivity:- 10K
Working Temp:-40~50`C
Responding Frequency:1.2K~800Khz
Stand-by Time:Support voice control with 3-5 days,10-15 days without voice control
Working Time:5 hour
Approved: CE / FCC
All GSM SIM card compatible
Work frequency(900MHz,1800MHz,1900MHz). Please check if it can work with your local system format before purchasing!
Not suitable for either CDMA or 3G network!
Power on:Open the back cover. Sim card into the deck will automatically boot.boot light is 3 seconds. after the lights go off you can dial the sim card number.
Installation:Please confirm the GSM networ signal strength.So as not to affect the results cause can not be used.
Number of settings:call the sim card numer with mobilephone or telephone,hang up then setting success
Voice feature:Send “1111” message to the sim card number then voice cotrolling is open;Send “0000” message to the sim card number then voice controlling is closed.
Please do not use it to engage any illegal activity.
Package Included:
1 x Mini GSM VOICE ACTIVATED Device—(without retail packaging)
1 x Usb cable
1 x Charger(110V-220V)
Primary Function: X Sound-Activated GSM Bug
Materials: Molded Plastic
Color: Black
GSM Frequency Compatibility: (850MHz, 900MHz) or ( 1800MHz,1900MHz)
Onboard Buttons/Slots:
USB Input
USB Input
LED Light Button
Two Way Switch
SIM Card Slot
Power: Built In Rechargeable Battery
Product Note: