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Category: Men's Grooming Trimmer

Philips beard trimmer bt-3201

Price: BDT 2400.00


Philips beard trimmer bt-3201Philips beard trimmer bt-3201Philips beard trimmer bt-3201

  Product Description :

Effortless even trim

 Philips Beard Trimmer

Lift & Trim system cuts 30% faster*
1mm precision settings
Stainless steel blades
30 min use/8h USB charge
Lift & Trim system

Lift & Trim comb guides hairs to the blades for an even trim
Trim your stubble beard with our new Lift & Trim system:
the comb lifts and guides the hairs to the level of the blades for an even trim.

Stainless Steel Blades for long-lasting sharpness
Get a perfect yet protective trim, time after time.
The trimmer’s steel blades lightly brush against one another
sharpening themselves as they trim
so they stay extra sharp and effective as on day 1.

DuraPower technology for a longer lasting battery life
The DuraPower technology lowers the friction on the blades,
which protects the motor and the battery from being overloaded.
This way, the battery life time of your trimmer is increased by 4 times

USB charging for convenient use
This  bead trimmrer comes with a USB cable
for more flexible charging via your computer or any
USB adaptor. The adaptor is not included (recommended adaptor Philips HQ80).
Skin-friendly blades for smooth skin
Blades have rounded tips for smooth
contact with skin to prevent scratching and irritation

10 lock-in length settings, 0.5 - 10mm with 1mm precision
The zoomwheel lets you choose from 0.5 to 10mm length settings, with 1mm precision steps.
Up to 30 minutes of cordless use after 8 hours charging
Charge your trimmer for 8 hours with your USB cable to get 30 minutes of cordless use.
Detachable head for easy cleaning
Detach the head and rinse it under the tap for easy cleaning.
Dry it before you put it back on the appliance.