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Best Exercise Bike Reviews 2014

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Best Exercise Bike Reviews 2014

Best Exercise Bike Reviews 2014/2015 – Top Rated Stationary Bikes On The Market
Resembling a bicycle, an exercise bike is a popular type of stationary exercise equipment. Originally used for physical therapy, these bike exercise machines are generally used for achieving increased fitness.

Also, they are often also used to train for cycle events, and many people use these indoor bikes to lose weight.

These pedal exercisers are convenient for people who have joint, back or knee pain and cannot go for a walk or a jog to stay fit. Moreover, this unit does not exert stress on your back.

For example, people who perform crunches and squats may feel a pressure on their lower back at some point, unlike using a fitness bike. So, to stay in shape, all they have to do is get on this simple stationary bike trainer and pedal away.

There is one primary difference between the various types of stationary exercise bikes:

Saddle-free bikes with the absence of handlebars: These stationary bikes do not occupy much space and help the user exercise only.
Fitness bikes with both saddle and handlebars: These indoor cycling bikes are mainly used for training the upper body, along with the lower body. Most of these bicycle exercise machines have in-built resistance that forces the users to work out or train with greater intensity.
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Exercise bikes are available in a vast range of styles and prices. Almost all these units have the basic features necessary. For example:

Varying levels of resistance
Seat adjustability
Ease in accommodating the biker’s height and weight
Before making a purchase, one must set their workout goals and then make a decision. Exercise bikes come with other innumerable, mind-boggling features like:

Bottle holder: A necessity to rehydrate yourself, any user could make use of this feature
Book rest: If the rider is not in the mood for a workout, reading through their favorite book might help
Hi-tech electronic equipment: These help the user set customized workout options by setting a specific time, distance or a number of calories to be burned
Consoles: Nowadays, many of these come with a LED display
Fans: These help the machine and the rider to cool down after a heavy work out session
Built-in workouts: A challenge for the rider, this is actually a good idea
Heart rate monitors: These may be handgrip or wireless, depending on the specific brand and model
Built-in speakers and TVs: Living in this generation, a little entertainment system is expected to be attached to some of the exercise bikes, helping in motivating the users to train better
Stationary Bike Benefits
One of the benefits of stationery bikes is that they are relatively easy to work with. In fact, people who are new to exercising could pick up the habit of using this stationary exercise bike.

Another of the stationary bike benefits is that it’s a favorite among people who work out to stay healthy.

Yet another exercise bike benefit is that is uses aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises facilitate the body with the release of endorphins which are natural pain-blockers. Hence, a pain reliever, this stationary bicycle trainer is great for the body. Also, it is pretty easy to burn calories on one of these.

Types of Exercise Bikes
Technology provides us with many types of exercise bikes to work out with. Each of them comes with different programs and brilliant features. There are mainly three types of exercise bikes